Quality and Food Safety Policy Statement

“Saahaj Milk Producer Company Limited is committed to ensure the Quality, Safety, Freshness and Wholesomeness of its Milk & Milk Products, by promoting a culture of quality and food safety at each and every step of the supply chain.

The Company is committed to continually enhance and maintain consumer’s / customer’s confidence in its products through the development and implementation of quality and food safety systems, standards and practices.”

Quality Management System

“Our Quality Management System is the driving force for continuously promoting and improving the performance of the Company to meet customer expectations and ensuring their complete satisfaction. We at ‘Saahaj’ are committed for continuous improvement, which is measured, evaluated, verified and validated for effectiveness internally and externally.”


We hereby pledge unanimously to adhere above commitments in all circumstances to come.

Dated : 01st April 2016


(Chief Executive , Saahaj MPCL)