Membership Eligibility

The Company may have been individual producers or producer intuitions or a combination of both as its Members as decided by the board.

A. Qualifications and procedure for obtaining membership

a) he/she has any business interest which is in conflict with business of the Company, or
b) He / she was in employment of Company directly on its rolls or through a contractor or employed on a contractual basis with the Company for not less than consecutive six months in any of the two financial years. Immediately preceding the financial year or during the current financial year in which he/she is proposed to be enrolled.

B. Conditions for continuation and cancellation of Membership

a) The member is engaged in production of milk from milch animals owned by him and responsible for the care and management of cow(s) and buffalo(es). The member is not indulging in an act which is detrimental to the functioning of the Company as also which is against the interest of the Company.
b) The member has supplied milk for at least 200 days during the previous financial year and poured a minimum of 500 litres of milk annually.
c) The member has subscribed for shares matching the annual quantity of milk supplied.
d) The total milk supplied to the Company during the winter months namely November to February shall not exceed three times the milk supplied during the summer months namely April to July during the previous financial year.
e) The milk supplied by the member has met all the quality standards as stipulated by the Company from time to time.
f) Such other conditions as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time.

C. The criteria for categorizing members into different classes

Categorization the members into different classes based on patronage
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Note –
a) The actual share contribution or the actual milk quantity supplied, whichever is lower, will be considered for the purpose of arriving at the categorization of class.
b) For the purpose of patronage calculation, the following shall be considered:
i) Members who have been admitted during the previous financial year and have not yet completed 365 days of their membership but have subscribed the minimum required share capital for the class chosen by them shall be considered to belong to that class.
ii) Any member who will not meet the criteria under Class A or Class B may slide to an appropriate lower class for which the member meets the criteria. However, they will not be eligible to contest for the Board of Directors position for that year.
iii) Those members who are not fulfilling the required criteria to retain at least ‘Class C’ will be issued notice for cancellation of membership as per the provisions of Article 4.3 read with Article 8 of the Articles of Association of the Company.”