Chairman's Note

Dear Associated Shareholders,

As we all know that Agriculture is the most important sector of Indian economy and employs more than 50% of Indian workforce and contributing to 17-18% of Country’s GDP. The Dairy sector in agriculture has become a driving force in developing rural economy and helps in providing nutrition support, reducing rural poverty, inequity, ensuring food security for millions of rural households, and enhancing economic growth, particularly in rural areas.

Realizing the importance of Dairy in uplifting rural economy, Saahaj Milk Producer Company Ltd. was formed in Uttar Pradesh to improve the socio economic condition of dairy farmers through dairying. The Company has been working relentlessly to achieve that objective since year 2014.

The FY 2020-21 was a real challenge due to worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19 virus. Due to stringent countrywide lockdown there was a major stop in economic activities. It impacted the Dairy business too but its rightly said “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” wherein SMPCL team united to thwart all the challenges posed by Covid-19. We didn’t halt our procurement and PES activities and continued to procure good quality milk from our member farmers, provided good quality Cattle feed & mineral mixture to them and at the same time ensured doorstep AI services in Company’s operational area.

It was the result of above that during the Financial Year 2020-21, Company procured 5.10 Lakh Kg of milk per day and made a payment of Rs. 637 Crore directly in the Bank account of its members. Company also distributed a loyalty incentive of Rs. 3.50 Crore to its active producer members who have fulfilled all the conditions as per the criterion laid down.

Your Directors are pleased to recommend the Dividend to the Members, whose name appear in the Register of member of the Company as on March 31, 2021.

During the period under review, Company witnessed growth in its milk and milk product sales by increasing its sales & distribution network and achieved a Sales of 19,695 Liter Per Day of Poly pouch milk, 1,259 Liter Per Day of Butter Milk, 1,519 Kg Per Day of Curd of & 983 Kg Per Day of Ghee.

Company has sold 10,263 MT cattle feed and 89 MT of mineral mixture to producer members in this year and if we look at AI activities, then Company has provided it’s AI services in 5401 villages and performed 4.76 Lacs artificial insemination.

Despite all challenges our Company is constantly working in the area of Women empowerment by increasing their participation in dairy business the result of which is that today women members contribute to 47% out of the total membership.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you through this communication about achievement of the Company in the year gone by. It was a year full of challenges and in a way of opening new opportunities to look forward in the future. Despite of all the impediments and due to the strong commitment of our team members and stakeholders, Company has achieved a turnover of Rs. 765.76 crore and earned a net Profit of Rs. 9.62 Crore after tax.

I would like to thank my fellow Director’s, Expert Director’s and Chief Executive as well as all the employees who worked hard to achieve the goals of the Company.

Your’s sincerely

Rajneesh Kumar