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  • सहज कम्पनी अधिनियम 1956 के भाग 9-A के तहत गठित एक उत्पादक कम्पनी है |
  • कम्पनी 17 अक्टूबर 2014 को गठित हुई व 12 दिसम्बर 2014 से कम्पनी के सभी कार्यकलापो का संचालन शुरू हुआ |
  • सहज का शाब्दिक अर्थ सुअभाविक, सरल व कुदरती है |
  • सहज का प्रतीक चिंह एक ऐसे दूध उत्पादक को दर्शाता है जो सहज कंपनी से जुड़ने पर अपने अच्छे भविष्य और बेहतर जीवन की कल्पना करता है |
  • सहज कंपनी का पंजीकृत कार्यालय आगरा, उत्तर प्रदेश में है |

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  • सहज एक मिल्क प्रोडूसर कम्पनी है जिसमे सिर्फ दूध उत्पादक ही इसके सदस्य बन सकते है|
  • कम्पनी का स्वामित्य सदस्यों के पास ही रहता है |
  • सदस्यों का वोटिंग अधिकार सुरक्षित रहता है जिसमे एक सदस्य को एक वोट देने का अधिकार होता है |
  • कंपनी के शेयर को सिर्फ सदस्यों के मध्य हस्त्रान्तित किया जाता सकता है |
  • सदस्य को शेयर पूंजी पर, कम्पनी के वार्षिक मुनाफे के अनुसार, सिमित डिविडेंट मिलता है, साथ ही साथ व्यपार में भागीदारी पर आधारित प्रोत्साहन राशि भी मिलता है |

PIB Activities

During the financial year 2015-2016

Member Registration

Milk producer may become member of Saahaj MPC after duly filling up prescribed registration form with registration fee ( Rs. 50 / for Women & Rs.100/ for male ) and payment of one share amount of Rs. 100/ . To retain membership, members should pour minimum 500 litre milk, 200 days, matching share ontribution in proportionate to annual milk supply & to maintain 1:3 lean ( April to July ) flush ( November to February ) ratio.

Awareness Programs

Company has conducted different types of awareness training program in the   villages of its operational area through Producer Awareness Program, Quality & Clean Milk Production Program, and Women Awareness Program with the help of hired NGO & Rural Youth Awareness Program, School Children Awareness Program & MRG Orientation Programs on its own. Progress till 31 March 2016 is given below-


Producer Awareness program

Explain the operational feature of the MPC in contrast to the competitors emphasizing ‘fairness & transparency ‘, direct producer payment computerized record keeping. Aware about their role & responsibilities towards an ideal members of the MPC, salient features of MPC, to strengthen MPC business & governance & about Value, mission & vision of MPC & its practices in their activities.Keeping abreast with information pertaining to VCG, MRG, Sahayak, LRP and MAIT attached to the MPP.


Total No of Programs organized


Number of participants

Quality & Clean Milk Production

The focus area under the quality & Clean Milk Production Program is to recognise the importance of quality in milk, explain the factors affecting the quality of milk and also list the steps involved in clean milk production and commit to refrain from adding water in milk, explain the disadvantages of adding water, presence of foreign materials in milk.  Beside these we make them aware about hygienic milking procedure at producer level.


Total No of Programs organized


Number of participants


Women Awareness Programs Organized

Encourage participation of women in the operations and management of MPC By seeking their active involvement in various ways, role of women in dairying, importance of women’s active participation in the operation and governance of the MPC etc.

Total No of Programs organized


Number of participants

Rural Youth Awareness Program

Encourage youth to understand the importance of dairying as an important source of livelihood and sensitised them to accept this as a profession. Recognise the importance of dairying as a source of regular income and its importance in the economy of the village, explain the importance of proper animal management, feeding, breeding and health care to increase milk production.


Total No of Programs organized


Number of participants


School Children Awareness Program

Encourage children to realize importance of dairy sector in rural lives. Explain the importance of milk in diet, cleanliness and proper hygiene in day to day life, importance of cooperation in life and details related to Saahaj MPC. In the end of program organise competitions on poster making, quizzes, essay writing on the related topics

Total No of Programs organized:-104
No of Participants: 3640


MRG Orientation

These are the groups of active members at particular route which strengthen the relation between members & Saahaj MPC through effective communication. We enable and motivate MRG members to undertake various activities and catalysing milk producers’ involvement in the activities of MPC. Explain the qualities of an ideal member, salient features of MPC & its advantages over the traditional cooperatives, Value, mission & vision of MPC.

Total No of Programs organized


Number of participants

Leadership Development Program

Developing potential milk producers to assume leadership role in the MPC through self-managing, personal effectiveness, listening skills, effective communication skills, distinguish the different type of leadership qualities. Explain the advantage of becoming member of the MPC, difference between cooperatives, PC and private company.

Total No of Programs organized


Number of participants


Exposure Visit of Board Members

All the boards visited Animal Breeding Centre Salon & visit IDA conference organized by NDRI Karnal Haryana.

Saahaj Milk producer Company Limited [SMPCL] is incorporated as Producer Company under the provision of chapter IX-A of the Companies Act, 1956 on 17th October 2014, bearing CIN No. U01403UP2014PTC066595, having its registered office at “Cross Roads Mall, 2nd Floor, Plot No. 5&6, Sec 13, Awas Vikas Colony Sikandra Yojna, Sikandra- Bodla Road, Agra [UP]-282007,India’’.

Business Domain & Area:

  • It is a business enterprise owned and controlled by user members based on mutual assistance principles. Its Head Office is located in Agra [Uttar Pradesh].
  • SMPCL is a Company of milk producer farmers who are the shareholders of SMPCL.
  • The main objective of SMPCL is to carry on the business of purchasing and processing of milk of its members. Currently SMPCL is operating in 10 districts of Uttar Pradesh &currently handling about 4.5 lakh litres milk per day.

Departments & Projects:

Total 12 department s are running by the Subject experts. Three projects (RBP, AI, and VBMPS) also are running in SMPCL by the support of World Bank.

National Dairy Plan:

With the plans to diversify its operations its activities include implantation of various programmes like Artificial insemination, Ration Balancing Program & Village based milk procurement System are running under the National Dairy Plan for enhancing milk production etc.